New On-Line ISOGG 2006 Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree


Since many new SNPs have debuted since the publication of the YCC Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree in 2003 and  Family Tree DNA's  Y-Chromosome Phylogenetic Tree in 2005, many geneticists have requested the creation of a site where all the SNPs are available for review.   In November 2005, Richard Kenyon and Alice Fairhurst collaborated on a proposal for updating the Y-DNA Phylogenetic Tree.  They presented their proposal to International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) and, as a result, the ISOGG YSNP Committee was formed.  Based on this Committee’s diligent efforts, a new on-line, updated tree was created. 


Our sincere appreciation goes to the design team, consisting of Bill Bailey, Katherine Hope Borges, Michael Crocker, Richard Kenyon, Sasson Margaliot, and Doug McDonald.  Further gratitude goes to the content experts, including Whit Athey, Dennis Garvey, Phil Goff, Gareth Henson, Mike N. Humphrey, John McEwan, Bonnie Schrack, Ann Turner, and David Wilson.


Geneticists Michael Hammer, Peter Underhill, and James F. Wilson were extremely helpful in answering questions about the relationship of various SNPs.  Any errors on the chart are ours, not theirs.

The new set of on-line documents contain links to references, descriptions of each haplogroup, and an index of all SNPs.  The ISOGG 2006 Y-DNA Haplogroup Tree is located at:


ISOGG intends to update the tree periodically.


The International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) has over 2200 members in 33 countries.  Membership is free, to join ISOGG, visit:


-Katherine Hope Borges

    ISOGG Director

-Alice M. Fairhurst


                Committee Coordinator