Editorís Corner


Time For a Change


This issue completes Volume 2 of JoGG and also its second year of publication.It also completes my second year as editor, and now it is time for a change.Starting with the next issue, Dennis Garvey will be the Editor of JoGG, and submissions should be directed to him.


These two years have seen explosive growth in participation in genetic genealogy and in the tests that are commercially available.If I had set up a wish-list two years ago, I donít believe I would have been imaginative enough to come close to the collection of products that we now actually have.It has been a very exciting time.


But, important as the new products may be, if I had to point to the one most important development in the field over the last few years, it would have to be the development of the ďexpert amateur geneticist.ĒOur community has produced an amazing variety of people who are making important contributions to the field.Probably, much of this work remains undiscovered and unappreciated by the professional community, but that too is changing.There are now a few major collaborations between amateurs and professionals.The potential for amateurs and professionals to help each other has always been clear, and now that is starting to happen.


One disappointment has been the difficulty in getting members of our community to slow down enough to write up what they have done and submit it for publication.Time is at a premium for many of us and it is much easier to just create a web site.JoGG, for example, remains a somewhat underutilized resource for our community.Hopefully, this will change because it is through publication that our work will become recognized by the broader community.A web site can be a valuable resource, especially for a rapidly changing field, but through peer-review, the work can be validated and become more widely accepted.It is not a matter of choosing one path or the otheróboth have their place.While I hope that everyone keeps his/her web sites up-to-date, we should also see an occasional summary of the work in print.


Another small disappointment to me has been the complete absence over the last two years of letters to the editor of JoGG.A few of our articles have been somewhat provocative, yet no one has been provoked enough to write a letter for publication.Possibly, since there have been no letters published, no one realizes that this is possible.I would hope that in the future we can see a lively dialogue going on in these pages.


Despite the few disappointments, it has still been a very exciting endeavor for me and Iím happy to have been involved.I look forward to working with Dennis and remaining involved with JoGG.