Supplementary Information for:


A Refined Phylogeny for mtDNA Haplogroup J

by Jim Logan



The phylogeny for mtDNA Haplogroup J continues to be refined on an ongoing basis as new sequences become available.  While the original article will remain fixed in content as of the publication date, the Supplementary Data file containing the matrix that forms the basis for the phylogeny will be periodically updated.  The corresponding changes to Table 1 and Figures 1 and 2 of the article will be updated in the Supplementary Data (but not the article itself).  Following are links to the latest versions of these files:


J Matrix  (the pdf will need to be enlarged)


Table 1:  A Phylogeny for Haplogroup J (Definitions)  (the pdf will need to be enlarged)


Figure 1:  The phylogeny of mtDNA Haplogroup J in tree format


Figure 2:  Details of mtDNA subclade J1c